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Learn how to make sourdough starter from scratch. A 14 minute video guides you through the simple and repetitive process. By day 6 you will have an active starter, ready to bake your first sourdough bread.

Making a sourdough starter from scratch takes a minimum of six days. You need to dedicate about 5 minutes every 24 hours for six consecutive days to raise a successful sourdough starter. Variations in temperature, flour, water temperature and the ratio of flour and water, will all have an impact, but I have found the below process to work well.


This method of making a sourdough starter from scratch has been thoroughly tested. I am confident that by following this method you will be able to make your own starter at home. However, if you take the course and don’t think it delivers, let me know within seven days and I will give you a full refund immediately.

  1. Flour (a cup per day)
  2. Water (3/4 cup per day)
  3. A large flip top or Mason jar that can hold 1litre
  4. Fork for stirring

An easy to follow course guide will be available to you once you are enrolled.

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