Simply Sourdough Online


Learn the art of baking sourdough bread in your home kitchen.

A series of practical video tutorials guide you through the tried and tested My Heimat Simply Sourdough recipe. Completing this course will give you the confidence and skill to start baking sourdough bread at home right away and equip you with the knowledge decipher any sourdough jargon you might come across in future.


The my Heimat Simply Sourdough recipe is the result of years of experimentation and it is simple, yet flexible. The simplicity is reflected in the ‘no knead’ method, allowing you to bake this sourdough loaf in the few moments you have to yourself or accompanied by even the youngest family members. It gives you the flexibility to bake wheat or white loaves, as well as incorporating rye, spelt or wholemeal flours, wholegrains or nuts and seeds.

Whether you already have a sourdough starter or need to start from scratch, in as little as ten steps, you will learn how to transform flour, water and salt into a crusty loaf of fresh sourdough bread, that you can bake in a standard oven.

Give yourself permission to experiment and play. Learn something new and let me share my favourite recipe as well as tips and tricks with you and fill your kitchen with the enticing smell of fresh bread.


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