What is my Heimat?

A Love Of Food


‘my Heimat’ aims to help find, create and define a Heimat for all of us.

“Heimat” is pronounced as ‘hi-mart’. It is a German word, untranslatable and a beautiful description of my roots. Heimat means home or place of origin, and it is about feeling at home where 'home' is not always a place. It is about memories, language, feeling comfortable and protected. In a nutshell, Heimat is, where you don’t have to explain yourself.

Growing up in Germany instilled in me a deep love of food. I have been baking for 30 years and have made hundreds of sourdough loaves over the past five years.

I have poured over dozens of recipes in German and English. My sourdough starter has gone through phases of daily feedings to in fridge hibernation of six months or bubbling over with excitement. My dough has risen in bread tins and bannetons, on a sundrenched deck and in the fridge and of course next to the fireplace on a chilly winter’s day.

A Simple Recipe


My breads have been baked on stone, in Dutch ovens and next to a roaring woodfire.

We will turn the three humble ingredients of flour, water and salt into a warm and crusty loaf of sourdough, filling your kitchen with the irresistible smell of fresh bread.

When baking the loaves have sunken in a sorry heap, slowly oozing over the edge of the stone like a Dalí painting, and have risen to the challenge, forming noisy golden crusts that crunched with every bite in many satisfied mouths.

The essence of all this experimentation, the failures and successes, and my teaching experience spanning 20 years, have gone into developing this course.

The result is a simple recipe and a series of practical video tutorials, setting you up to bake your own bread right away and equip you with the knowledge to decipher sourdough jargon you might come across in future.

"Growing up in Germany instilled in me a deep love of food. I have been baking for 30 years and have made hundreds of loaves of sourdough over the past five years. I have poured over dozens of recipes in German and English."

Learn 'no-knead' bread baking at home


Simply Sourdough Online

Practical video tutorials guide you through a simple 'no-knead' recipe, giving you the confidence and skills to start baking sourdough bread yourself.

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About our online course


Give yourself permission to experiment and play.

Learn something new and let me share my favourite sourdough recipe to fill your kitchen with the enticing smell of fresh bread.

Practical video tutorials guide you through a tried and tested recipe, giving even the novice baker the confidence and skills to start baking sourdough bread at home, using common kitchen equipment and ingredients.

The simple ‘no knead’ method allows you to make sourdough in the free moments you have during the day or even involving the youngest family members.

  • Easy to follow video tutorials
  • Use everyday kitchen equipment
  • Simple 3 ingredient 'no-knead' recipe

I really enjoyed the sourdough course. Lisi is very open and friendly and the bread was delicious. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, it was so much fun!


Lisi's online sourdough class is the perfect blend of ingredients - instructive & easy to follow with a heady sense (and scent!) of accomplishment. Knowing a bunch of people are making bread alongside you feels collaborative. The live Q&A session answered any questions I had, and was joyful, coming together to share the results of our new skill, all at the same stage of learning. Now I always have sourdough on the go and can't imagine what I did before.


The very first sourdough loaf I baked was amazing thanks to Lisi's great online tutorial and Q&A. My kids loved it and they normally only eat packet bread!


I enjoyed every minute of Lisi's sourdough course. Lisi has a fun way of explaining the art of bread making, a very hands on approach and even a total novice like me, was able to follow her instructions. With a great sense of humour and an abundance of knowledge Lisi inspired us to create our own versions of bread. I can highly recommend the course.


Lisi's teaching style was upbeat, highly engaging, reassuring and made us all feel that we could easily achieve our bread baking dreams. She was a wealth of information and offered options that were either already in our kitchen or affordable. The ultimate in positive outcomes is my teenager saying my bread is better than bought loaves. I highly recommend attending one of Lisi's fun and fuss free baking courses and am looking forward to attending my next one.


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